Three : Miro Cipár, Sveťo Košický, Boris Šima

Three : Miro Cipár, Sveťo Košický, Boris Šima

Dates of event :

from: 13. 10. 2021

to: 11. 11. 2021

Venue :

Bratislava Castle

The installation on the West Terrace of Bratislava Castle will present the work of three illustrators who won the non-statutory prizes BIB 2019: Svetozár Košický , Miroslav Cipár and Boris Šima .

The vernissage will also include the presentation of a Plaque of Ľudmila Podjavorinská.




Miroslav Cipár was born on 8 January 1935 in Vysoká nad Kysucou. He studied at the University of Education and the Academy of Visual Arts in Bratislava with professors V.  Hložník and P. Matejka. In the period of 1971-72 he worked in the Children´s Book Institute in New Delhi, India. Besides illustrations he dedicates also to applied graphic art, free graphic art and monumental works.  His illustrations are characterized by a dominant element of playfulness and sweet romantic. His handwriting is evident, he stylizes simple objects and he arranges them by shapes and colours in images full of fantasy. His inclination to detail symbols signs and ornaments giving even a historic impression are also characteristic. He was awarded more times with Mladé letá Publishing House Prize and Honorary Mentions in competition The Most Beautiful Book. For his illustrations of M. Ďuríčková´s book The White Princess he was awarded the Plaque BIB 1973 and for The Danube Queen the Plaque BIB 1977. The book Great Journey Fever by M. Válek was awarded with Golden Medal at IBA Leipzig in 1982. In 1979 he was awarded Ľudovít Fulla Prize.

M. Cipár is a universal artist dedicating himself not only to illustration but also to cartoon, stage setting, applied graphic art, painting and partially also to plastic art. Comicality and humour is reflected in number of his stylized pictures underlined by vivid colours and the essence of a game. Witty stylization of colours is woven in an ornament that is geometrically arranged; a dominant and transparent element – a wavy line evoking the principles of the Baroque and Art Noveau as well - emerges from strictly determined and closed surfaces of full colours. In his illustrations he alternates extreme positions of an aggressive expression with harmonic poetics.

Selected books: R. Moric: Oktávia ide stovkou (Oktávia Car with the Speed of 100) /1964/, R. Jonsson: Viking Vike /1969/, J. Pavlovič: Baran Bé (A Mutton Bé) /1970/, J.  Pavlovič:   Baran na divoko (Mutton of Wild Art) /1970/, M. Ďuríčková: Jožko Mrkvička spáč (Jožko Mrkvička, the Sleeper) /1972/, M. Ďuríčková: Biela kňažná (The White Princess) /1973/, M.    Ďuríčková: Zlatá brána (Golden Gate) 1975/, M. Ďuríčková: Dunajská kráľovná (The Danube Queen) /1976/, M. Válek: Veľká cestovná horúčka (Great Journey Fever) /1977/, M.  Ďuríčková: Prešporský zvon (Prešporok Bell) /1981/, Ľ. Feldek: Lapajova šľapaj (Trickster´s Footprint) /1983/, O. Hofman: Pán Tau a tisíc zázrakov (Mr. Tau and Thousands of Miracles) /1985/, E. Lázár: Sedemhlavá víla (A Fairy with Seven Heads) /1987/, P. Bažov: Malachitová škatuľka (A Malachit Box) /1990/




Born:   November 15, 1975, Bratislava

Study:  Jozef Vydra School of Applied Art, Bratislava


2015 The Most Beautiful Books of Slovakia - Award of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic for outstanding book illustrations;

2017 The Most Beautiful Books of Slovakia - Award of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic for outstanding book illustrations

Characteristics of his work:

There is a never-ending number of stories. Each of us likes them – fairy tales, stories full of optimism, detective stories. Many of us like stories that are mysterious, fantastical, frightening, from which we get goose bumps. And exactly these are the stories illustrated by Svetozár Košický. His illustrations enable us to see creatures we would not otherwise see – witches, demons, devils. Maybe it is just an accident that Svetozár Košický gets jobs to illustrate books on mystical or mythical themes, but this position suits him well. His illustrations depict stories that are ordinary as well as those that are complicated, his characters experience unbelievable adventures and everything is possible – people talk to animals, animals have human features, the way it usually is in fantasy stories.

The power of illustrations is emphasized by the techniques that he uses – ink and pen drawing, wash painting or oil. Thanks to his accuracy combined with a creative restlessness, the author is able to uniquely depict the mysterious and exciting atmosphere of illustrated stories. He makes illustrations that have a soul and excude a powerful fluid. In the case of Svetozár Košický´s illustrations I can say that every single one is a little/big work of art.

It is interesting that many of his friends and acquaintances can find themselves, literally said, in Svetozár´s illustrations – he likes using faces by illustrating.





(* 1977, Nitra)

1996 – 1998: study at the Higher Vocational Film School in Zlín, Czech republic, animated film

1998 – 2003: study at FTF Academy of Fine Art, Department of Animation



- 1998 sound of the film festival for children and youth in Pilsen (1998)

- I have my first date today (2002)

- Get him! (2008)

- Hooray for the castle! (2010)

- 39 weeks, 6 days (2017, co-directed with Joanna Kozuch)


He currently collaborates as an artist on the series Websterovci, together with Katarína Kerekesová he has participated in the artistic processing of the animated series and the book Mimi and Líza.




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