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SLOVAK SECTION OF IBBY is a national section of IBBY - International Board on Books for Young People of non-governmental organisation UNESCO. In 1964 the Slovak section was admitted as member of the Czecho - Slovak IBBY section. Within the IBBY section, the initiative Book Handicap develops its activities, that is involved in the IBBY Collection of Books for young people with disabilities, organised by the Toronto Public Library (Canada). The board member of Slovak Section of IBBY is commissioned to cooperate with the journal Bookbird.

The original Czecho-Slovak IBBY Section had its beginnings in the early 1950s, with the establishment of two central state publishing houses, which specialised in children's literature. One of the publishing houses was Albatros with the seat in Prague and the second one was a Slovak publishing house Mladé letá with the seat in Bratislava. Each of them had positive impact on cultivating the literature for children of both nations. 

In the year 1959 Kruh přátel dětské knihy (Circle of Children's Book's Friends) was founded in Prague. Later, the club was renamed Společnost přátel knihy pro mládež (Society of Juvenile Book’s Friends). A year later in 1960 Kruh priateľov detskej knihy (Circle of Children's Book's Friends) was established in Bratislava. Both associations engaged in paying attention to book promotion among children and young people.

In 1964 at the 9th IBBY Congress held in Madrid, Spain, these two organisations – acting together as the Czecho-Slovak IBBY Section –  were admitted as members of IBBY.

At the IBBY Congress held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 1966, the BIB Secretary General  Dr. Dušan Roll invited the National Sections of IBBY to participate in the newly established Biennial of Illustration Bratislava by selecting their national entries.  The first Biennial took place in 1967. 

The Slovak IBBY Section joins experts and other people, out of individuals and collective boards, who are interested in literature and art for children and young people. A member of SK IBBY has a right to be involved actively in SK IBBY activities, to participate in benefits, which the section offers to its members, and to be informed in time about the events, that are organised or prepared for the members by SK IBBY Secretariat. The membership of SK IBBY is for individuals, collective boards, or even whole organisations, who identify themselves with the message of the section and want to participate actively in its activities. The individual members must be an adult. The written applications are to be sent to SK IBBY Secretariat, and then the Board of SK IBBY decides on accepting the member according to the majority of votes of its members. 

Is in charge of SK IBBY activities, coordinates and forms relationships with International IBBY, plans SK IBBY activities, accepts new members, sets goals and priorities of SK IBBY, nominates the authors and illustrators for international awards, and promotes Slovak children's literature abroad. The Board consists of 7 members.


Days of Children’s Book – a nationwide event organised and held each year in a different region of the country alongside with other events. The inspiration comes from the International Children’s Book Day celebrations, which is celebrated internationally by general public on April 2, when the great fairy-teller Hans Christian Andersen was born. In 1996 and 2006, the worldwide celebrations were held under the auspices of Slovakia.

An integral part of activities include an annual expert conferences to evaluate the previous year’s book production.

Other traditional event is the competition The Most Beautiful and Best Children’s Books of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. We award national awards for juvenile literature – Ľudovít Fulla Award, the Triple Rose Award (Trojruža), and Ľudmila Podjavorinska Plaque – the prize awarded for promotion of the Slovak children's literature abroad. Within the radio drama festival The Prix Ex Aequo, the Slovak Section of IBBY awards the best radio adaptation of a literary piece.

The Secretariat of The Slovak IBBY Section also prepares the participation of the Slovak section on the International IBBY Congresses and nominees Slovak authors for the IBBY awards – IBBY Honour List and the Hans Christian Andersen Award.

The Revue BIBIANA Magazine on art for children and young readers is published quarterly by SK IBBY.


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