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Awards archive

Awards archive


Digital Collections include information about the awards granted at competitions organized by BIBIANA within its portfolio. There is a complete history of awards, including the ones granted at the very first editions through to the most recent events.

BIB Awards Archive offers an overview of awards granted within the international competition of children’s book originals, the Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava (BIB) since the first ever event in 1967. The BIB International Jury awards the best illustrations with Grand Prix, Golden Apples, or Plaques, and publishers with Honorary Mentions. Besides these statutory awards there are also the awards from the BIB Children’s Jury and from the Mayor of the Capital City Bratislava.

BAB Awards Archive includes an overview of awards granted at the children’s animated film festival, the Biennial of Animation Bratislava (BAB) since the very first event held in 1991. The top awards of the festival are Prix Klingsor and the Albin Brunovsky Medal of Honor granted to important persons for their life-long accomplishment. The International Jury also grants the Viktor Kubal Award, the UNICEF Award, the St Vojtech Award, the Literary Fund Premium and the BAB Jury Special Award. Children viewers also cast their vote at the festival and the Children’s Audience Award is granted.

The Most Beautiful Books of Slovakia Archive offers an overview of book collections and awards granted within the national competition since 1993, the year when BIBIANA became the chief organizer of the event. Each year an expert jury selects a collection of 20 books that are pronounced the Most Beautiful Books of Slovakia and grants the specific awards to authors and producers (Awards of the Ministry of Culture SR to a publisher, illustrator, graphic designer, publisher for a bibliophilic book, Award of the Ministry of Educatione SR for a textbook, BIBIANA Award for a children´s book, Award of the Slovak National Library for a student thesis).  

The Most Beautiful and the Best Children’s Books cover the quarterly competition awards organized by BIBIANA since 1990. There are two competition categories: the visual art jury selects the Most Beautiful Children‘s Book published in Slovakia in the past season (the award is given to an illustrator and to a publisher), and the literary jury selects the Best Children’s Book (the award goes to the author of the text or a translator or a publisher).

IBBY Awards Archive offers an overview of awards granted by SkBBY, the Slovak IBBY Section (International Board on Books for Young People), within various competitions and events. SkBBY proposes the Slovak candidates for international awards (H.C. Andersen Award and inscription in the IBBY Honor List) and administers national awards for children’s literature authors and producers (Tripple Rose, Ľ. Fulla Award, Ľ. Podjavorinska Plaque).

The Awards Archive is built in a database environment. The user interface allows representation of all records in chronological order or to filter them by selected criteria (author, title, publisher, technique, country and more) or their combinations in an extended search. The retrieved records include basic information about the winners and their works that won the award as well as samples (book covers, illustrations, photographs, web references/links).

The Awards Archive is available in both Slovak and English version.