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The Library and the Documentation Centre is an independent organizational unit of BIBIANA that is in charge of all processes related to generation, archiving and making accessible information about the institution’s activities. The activities are performed under the Digital BIBIANA project.

In practical terms this means we collect accessible documents and information about exhibitions, programs/shows, workshops, theatre performances, BIB and BAB editions as well as book competitions and activities by the Slovak IBBY section. We document not only the events held in the premises of BIBIANA but also elsewhere in Slovakia and abroad, covering the entire history from BIBIANA’s beginnings up to current events. The older documents are digitalized and the new ones usually are supplied already in electronic form. All documentation is archived as hardcopy and also in electronic form in storage for long-term keeping. The salient information is recorded in the application database and made publicly accessible at our website under the Event Archives section. Visitors to the site can find not only the basic information and annotations on the event but also related documents (photo gallery, posters, invitations, press releases, media coverage and the like).

Besides the Event Archives, there will also be the Award Archives that is now under development and will also be in a database environment and publicly accessible at the site under the Digital Collections section. A visitor can find information about all awards granted within BIBIANA’s activities, namely: BIB Awards, BAB Awards, The Most Beautiful Books of Slovakia, The Most Beautiful and the Best Children’s Books and IBBY Slovak Section Awards (Tripple Rose, Ľ. Fulla Award, Ľ. Podjavorinska Plaque, IBBY Honor List and H.C. Andersen Award). Every record includes basic information about the award laureate and about the work for which she/he won the award, as well as photographs, samples and references/links.

The site also includes an Album of Illustrators offering the profiles of Slovak artists illustrating for children and youth. This album includes both classical and modern young artists who won awards in competitions or other BIBIANA events or from the Slovak IBBY Section.

The site offers PDF archives of the core events published by BIBIANA on a periodical basis: Archives of BIBIANA Revues, Archives of BIB Symposia Miscellanies and Archives of Catalogues of The Most Beautiful Books of Slovakia Competitions. The PDF archives offer complete historical coverage of the respective events.

The Publications Archives also include special (anniversary) publications that were published by BIBIANA in 2015 to mark the half-century jubilee of the Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava (BIB). The first one, Story of BIB in Memories brings personal recollections, memories and remarks by persons who lived out the history of those events; the other one, Story of BIB in Facts and Pictures, is a complete fact guide to the 25 BIB events.

An online game for children, GRAND PRIX CUBES, was developed and made available for the BIB anniversary. The players move cubes with fragments of pictures and seek to put together the winning illustrations that won their authors the top BIB award, the Grand Prix. 

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