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International conferences IBBY institut 2017

International conferences IBBY institut 2017

IBBY INSTITUTE CONFERENCE  in Bratislava was held on September 5 and 6, 2017 as two international conferences for parents, teachers and all those who work with kids of preschool and younger school age. It was organized by BIBIANA, International House of Art for Children and SK IBBY.  The Institute of the Slovak Literature of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Creative Europe – Creative Europe Desk Slovakia and the civic association Fanfáry also participated.

Conference Look behind the picture, what do you see?  (May 5, 2017), showed the world of pictorial books - how reading can promote healthy development of children, symbolic thinking, how we can help children formulate thoughts through illustrations and positively influence the verbal expression of the child. The attention was also focused on the artwork of complicated themes and on how to work with stimulus and with illustrations constructively.  

On September 6, the conference was held - Come read in the book and in life! focusing on the issue of reading as an interesting and complex process that seriously affects human life. The quality of reading is also affected by how we live our everyday life. Notable experts from Slovakia and from various countries of the world have devoted themselves to the process of reading and how movement, sound and music perception, or various social activities can stimulate the child's ability to perceive, understand the text, and transfer experience to his or her own living space.  

Speeches from conference:

SEEING BEYOND PICTURES - Conference speeches  September 5th, 2017

Timotea Vráblová (Slovak republic)
Would You See Beyond? What Strengthens  Visual Understanding of a Child?  PDF  

Markéta Andričíková (Slovak republic)
When What We See Is not What We See (Different Perspectives) VIDEO  / PDF   

Ragnheiður Gestsdóttir (The Republic of Iceland)
The Picturebook - Local or Global?  VIDEO /  PDF  

Josep Antoni Tàssies (The Kingdom of Spain)
Child´s Education on Aesthethics through Illustration VIDEO / PDF

Ellis Vance (United States of America)
How Children’s Books Influence Children’s Understanding Beyond Their Own Experiences  VIDEO / PDF

Akoss Ofori-Mensah (Republic of Ghana)
Seeing Beyond Pictures: An African Child  PDF  

Margaret Anne Suggs (Republic of Ireland)
The Identity of the African-American Child in 20th Century Picturebooks PDF 

Ľubica Kepštová (Slovak republic)
Through a Picture to a Text (at Primary School Age Children)  PDF  

Björn Sundmark (The Kingdom of Sweden)
Skiing and Being Swedish: Taking a Cold Look at Swedish Winter Picture Books  PDF   


READING WITHIN THE LIFE CONTEXT - Conference speeches  September 6th, 2017

Timotea Vráblová (Slovak republic)
From  “Schematic“ to Creative Reading. And What Can Preceed It?  PDF

Viera Sádovská (Slovak republic)
Reading with a Movement and Reading in a Movement  PDF 

Mariano Dimonte (Republic of Italy)
Music Project "Crescendo in Music"   PDF   

Tilka Jamnik (The Republic of Slovenia)
Read Your Way to a Special Meal and a Wonderful trip  PDF  

Kapka Kaneva (Republic of Bulgaria)
Introducing Classical Literature to Teenagers: The El Árbol de los Clásicos Project from the Visual Point of View. PDF 

Mária Bačová (Slovak republic)
Space in Fairy Tales  PDF 

Beata Panáková (Slovak republic)
To Be in the Picture   PDF   

Angela Lebedeva (Russian Federation)
Forming the Future: Literacy Development and Children's Reading Promotion. Russian State Children's Library’s (RSCL) Experience   PDF