The BIB-UNESCO Albín Brunovský Workshop 2017

The BIB-UNESCO Albín Brunovský Workshop 2017

The theme of the international BIB-UNESCO Albín Brunovský workshop 2017:

Folk tales


Every country has stories that have forever been passed on from generation to generation and maintained folk tradition by word of mouth. During long winter evenings and warm summer nights people would tell stories with mysteries of truths, lessons or amusing conspiracies. There were also people smart enough to note them down and record the essence of the stories to preserve their mysteriousness: the mysteriousness that is hiding in words that inspire us to dream our own stories and also sharpen a pencil and jot down our ideas on paper.

There is a country where trolls silently move in the forest, elsewhere fairies dance in the moonlight and somewhere else a frog concerto is the background to an ungroomed green head with flickering eyes coming to the surface of a pond. Stories of fire-spitting dragons, mythical knights and other enchanting and amazing figures are just a fraction of what is hiding in the magic world for young readers that an illustrator may unveil, mediate, promote and highlight.

This year’s international illustrator workshop focuses on mutual communication through a selected traditional “folk” fairy tale of the country the individual illustrator comes from. The illustrator’s role is to choose (preferably) a fairy tale – a story from her/his country that is unique and draws from its cultural tradition. The creative workshop will also include a brief presentation of the story, its text (the story can be one by the author or a fairy tale on motifs of an original folk tale).

The background text, inspiration, will then be translated by the illustrator into her/his illustrations that will be made during the workshop. Using folk motifs, ornaments of the country, to highlight cultural diversity within the modern “globalized world” will be strongly welcome. This will be homage to one’s cultural tradition and heritage. An enthusiastic and creative approach is expected; the authors are free to choose their preferred materials.

-        Developing elementary text version (for possible presentation), a brief story line (can be pre-prepared from the domestic background),

-        Making 3-4 illustrations, approximately A3 size.


I am looking forward to meeting you at the workshop, dear friends!


Juraj Martiška



Ms. Amanda Putri Ariawan          Indonézia / Indonesia

Mr. Ovadia Benishu                     Izrael / Israel

Ms. Julie Čermáková                   Česká republika / Czech republic

Ms. Josephine Kyhn                    Dánsko / Denmark

Ms. Ana-Maria Lemnaru             Rumunsko / Romania

Ms. Rebeka Lukošus                   Lotyšsko / Latvia

Mr. Camilo Martins                     Brazília / Brasilia

Ms. Zahra Mohammad Nejad       Irán / Iran

Ms. Maria Zgoda                         Rusko/ Russia

Mr. Juan Cruz Yebara                  Argentína / Argentina


The theme: Folk tales

The head of the workshop: Juraj Martiška



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