Dates of event :

from: 21. 11. 2019

to: 20. 9. 2020

Venue :

BIBIANA, 1. poschodie

Why do people erect towers? What were they used for and how did they build it to stand so firmly? Those are some of the questions the kids get answered in this big interactive exhibition full of imagination and creativity. They will learn a lot about high rising structures from the tower of Babel, via the skyscrapers of New York up to the highest and most modern structures of our times. They will learn about inventions making the building of such structures possible, including the associated problems with the wind, temperature fluctuations or earthquakes. The kids themselves will have the possibility of building their very own tower with block-set of various materials. This exhibition provides kids and adult visitors with the necessary contemplation space on how that competing for always higher and higher buildings damages the environment.  

Theme, script and creative design L. Marušicová, dramaturgy V. Marákyová