NAMI CONCOURS 2019- Awarded Illustrations

NAMI CONCOURS 2019- Awarded Illustrations

Dates of event :

from: 25. 10. 2019

to: 5. 1. 2020

Venue :

Bratislavský hrad, 2. poschodie

Presentation of the winning works Nami Concours 2019, "Nami Island International Illustrations Concours", International Competition of Illustrations on Nami Island, Korea.

Nami Island, one of Korea's most popular global tourist destinations, has also been over the past few years the site of the Nami Island International Children's Book Festival (NAMBOOK).
To realise NAMBOOK Festival's motto, "Let's eat and drink while crawling and playing amongst books!", the whole island is transformed into a "Library in Forest" where one can find books everywhere including the hotel rooms, rest rooms and pathways in the hope that the imaginative and creative powers of all visitors can be inspired.
Nami Island, Inc. is the official sponsor of the Hans Christian Andersen Awards. The initiatives and activities of Nami Island are based on the convictions of Minn Byeong-do, the founder of Nami Island, who early on supported the cultural and artistic sectors including music, arts and especially books for children. This inherent corporate value allows the 3 million and 300,000 visitors who come to Nami each year to experience cultural and artistic events in a beautiful natural setting.
Nami Island, Inc. contributes its profits to diverse cultural events and NGOs including UNICEF and the NAMBOOK Festival. Thus, the Nami Concours, an illustration contest initiated by Nami Island in 2013 offers extensive support for children's book artists by providing an opportunity to present their works

The primary aim of Nami Concours is to provide artists with the opportunity to introduce their work on a global scale so that illustrators throughout the world can be inspired to create high quality works of art. Ultimately, we hope NAMI CONCOURS will contribute to an increase the quality of picture book illustrations for children.

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