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Dates of event :

from: 17. 6. 2016

to: 25. 9. 2016

Time :

14:00 - 15:00

The Living City is an exhibition where the attribute ‘interactive’ is not just a concept that is ‘in’. The intent of its authors is to guide children to the ‘bowels’ and ‘backstage’ of a city and let them better understand what there is below and behind the large urban components and how it all works together. There will be various assignments such as finding a bus or tram route in a big map, identifying the ground plan of a historical building, recognizing the cityscapes or silhouettes of famous cities, and watching a hustling and bustling ant ‘city’. A large set of construction blocks will be there for children to build their own city, a street-art studio will challenge them to complete the images of cracked walls and walkways, and the activity will be concluded with children adding to the city what they find to be missing and what they would like to change.
Idea and script – N. Kančevová, Visual design and arrangement – K. Jägerová, Dramaturgy – A. Broadhurst