Dates of event :

from: 17. 6. 2016

to: 25. 9. 2016

Making a garden has from long ago been one of the elementary needs of human beings, one that still is very much present and alive but becoming a luxury as it requires valuable components, time, space and attention. The interactive exhibition Garden Art tells visitors where and why the first gardens were started and what changes gardens underwent over centuries and how much joy they can bring to those who start them in modern times. Children can visit a garden with huge flowers, they can find themselves in a desert garden at night, in a medieval medicinal herb garden, a man-made French maze and a romantic English garden, and they can design a garden of their own. The BIBIANA yard will turn into a mosaic of various kinds of little gardens.
Idea, script and dramaturgy – I. Abrahamfyová, Visual design and arrangement – M. Dobeš, Visual design of the yard – B. Benická