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from: 8. 10. 2018

to: 12. 10. 2018

Programme BAB 2018, accompanying events in Bratislava

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BAB Festival is pleased to announce that the once local Bratislava event has spread out across Slovakia’s regions. Among its venues are now the Culture House of Samko Dudík in Myjava as well as Cinema Baník / ArtPoint in Prievidza, Cinema Scala in Prešov and KulturPark in Košice.

Not just in Bratislava, but across the country, many more children can now see top animations. Animation workshops for kids also take place at regional venues.

Competition screenings take place in three large cinemas in Bratislava: Culture House Petržalka and Dúbravka and Cinema Lumière in the city center. Audiences from all walks of life can see beautiful film collections and profile screenings of renowned artists with their personal participation in Cinema Mladosť, Lumière and in Cinema Klap at the Faculty of Film and Television at VŠMU in Bratislava. The international animation competition for children is unique for its non-commercial showcase of audiovisual animation culture from around the world. This echoes five decades of BIB’s presentations of illustrations for children.

Animation unites the world in high-quality, non-commercial culture for children and reminds us of its special relationship with illustration. This is the foundation of the rich variety in screenings this year. Close ties between animation and illustration are very much part of BAB’s DNA.

This year, the festival takes place under the auspices of the General Secretary of the Slovak Commission for UNESCO, and, for the first time, it will include an ECFA Jury representing the European Children’s Film Association to bestow a prize for the best European film.

This year highlights quality films for children connecting the worlds of different animation cultures. Animation sets into motion fairy tales from near and far, and crowns not only the program sections, but also its profile screenings and exhibitions.

BIBIANA will welcome animators from Slovakia its their exhibition A as in Animator. Together, they will call on all children to join in a creative game. There will also be Japanese Fairy Tale World transposing visitors to distant lands through its celebration of fairy tales.

BAB 2018 has a rich international competition program offering eight animation tracks from around the world and four tracks in non-competition program. Profile screenings include current Japanese animation and two tracks of thesis films from students at the Tokyo University of the Arts. Animation for the youngest ones features a project from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. To mark the centenary of Poland’s independence, legendary Polish animation films with renowned fairy-tale heroes for children will also be presented.

Representing Czech animation, young visitors can see unforgettable films from the screenwriter, author, and director Edgar Dutka and treasures from Hermína Týrlová. From Slovakia there are animations from Helena Slavíková-Rabarová and a large collection of thesis films for children and adults – Young Slovak Animation – from graduates at the Animation Studio at the Faculty of Film and Television at the University of Performing Arts in Bratislava, celebrating its 25th anniversary. 

Michaël Dudok de Wit – who won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film and BIB 2003 Golden Apple for Father and Daughter – will present a master class and an exhibition of art design for The Red Turtle. Screenings will be introduced by the world-renowned film historian Giannalberto Bendazzi.

In Best of Annecy 2017 - 2018 viewers can look forward to the latest winners from Annecy, the world’s largest animation festival. Our cinema marathon is capped by nominees for the European Animation Émile Awards.

The 2nd International BAB Forum will include a video conference with the University of Prešov and extend its discussion “From Illustration to Animation.”

For over a decade BAB program has included animation workshops for children with experts from abroad. This year, students from the Academy of Animation, the private secondary school of animation in Bratislava, are going to assist them. This is a unique platform for educators, students, and the public to meet an international team of lecturers, see them at work with children, and engage in a discussion; “Animation – School At Play – Let’s Play With Film.” Workshops are extended to other festival cities this year thanks to partnership with the Animánia Association in the Czech Republic. BAB is different from other animation festivals as its workshops are not organized just for special events. They are part of BIBIANA’s regular programming. 

If we add the list of exhibitions in BIBIANA to those in foreign cultural centers our program circles the world of animation in just five days! Join us in this exciting journey at BAB 2018. We look forward to welcome you in BIBIANA and in movie theaters.

Entry to all festival screenings is free of charge.

 Katarína Minichová

BAB Program Director

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