Have you already been in the secret room? Many mysteries are waiting for the visitors. And many hints to find solutions are waiting for them as well. 

The secret of the castle treasure (June 5 - November 30) is a follow-up of the new experimental approach, which is focused on stirring up and developing "deeper reading" among children. The Room of Reading, whose creation was inspired by Timotea Vráblová and art was designed by Juliána Dubovská, offered visitors rebuses as well as many hints to find solutions. "The Secret of Castle Treasure" focused on developing comprehension of the symbolic language used in legends and fairy tales. It was inspired by both the legend of the Treasure at Red Stone Castle and Ján Milčák's collection of fairy tales, which combined the theme of searching for mysteries with the concept of human identity. Activities of interacting with objects allowed children to find the meanings of symbolic language in literary pieces. Children had an opportunity to create, in their own symbolic language, a reference for those who came to the Room of Reading after them, to leave cues to their own reflections, or clues to help solve the rebuses.