In the wings of fantasy – collection of illustrators awarded at the BIB 1967 – 2017

Dates of event :

from: 30. 9. 2019

to: 15. 10. 2019

Venue :

Rezidencia princeznej Ljubice, Belehrad, SRBSKO

An exhibition “On the Wings of Fantasy” prepared by BIBIANA, the International House of Arts for Children Bratislava, was opened on 30. 9. 2019 at the Belgrade City Museum in the beautiful historical space of Konak Kneginje Ljubice. It was a selection of the best of all previous BIB years. The exhibition had three parts: the holders of the highest awards BIB Grand Prix, Slovaks awards at the Biennale and winners of the Children's Jury. The exhibition was opened by the Slovak Ambassador to Serbia, Mrs. Dagmar Repčeková, Jozef Švolík, General Director of the Art Section of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, Jelena Medakovič, Director of the City Museum and Peter Tvrdoň, Director of BIBIANY. The exhibition runs until 14th of October 2019. In addition to the exhibition itself, we also prepared two workshops (Novi Sad and Belgrade), led by Slovak artist Miroslav Regitko.