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TRESKY PLESKY - Slashes and bangs

TRESKY PLESKY - Slashes and bangs

Dates of event :

from: 1. 10. 2022

to: 19. 2. 2023

Venue :

BIBIANA, 1st floor

Set out for an adventurous journey in the foot-steps of the reporter Kata Strofová at the exhibition Tresky plesky (Slashes and bangs). Explore natural phenomena as e.g. a volcano, lightning, tsunami or an avalanche. Meet monkeys as well as a huge whale or come for some skiing with us in the city centre of Bratislava.

This exhibition is based on the well-known Slovak cartoon-series Tresky Plesky. The visitors will get the feeling of entering a unique fantasy-world of natural phenomena — experiencing the adventures of the individual parts in the most realistic way.

Theme and script – Super film s.r.o.; dramaturgy – V. Marákyová, Von Dubravay; design-space-solution – Super film s.r.o.; technical solution – Von Dubravay, Super film s.r.o.; graphics – G. Rusková

When: 1/10/2022 – 19/02/2023