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Tomorrow never comes

Tomorrow never comes

Dates of event :

from: 20. 4. 2018

to: 23. 9. 2018

Venue :


The exhibition presents the uniqueness of the Earth's atmosphere in a playful way. The kids learn to know our Solar System, the composition of the Earth's atmosphere, all the winds, cyclones/hurricanes and tornadoes, the hydrological cycle or the weather forecast. The experience, how the human voice sound like in helium environment (using a voice modulator), but also the unbelievable quietness in space, they can even cause a miniature world-wide deluge or create a magnetic field with a real dynamo. Long for short – they will experience numerous unusual activities and games/plays. The topic of the Earth's atmosphere gets conveyed on examples/depictions in fine arts, music and cinematography. Thanks to the creative and imaginative visual depiction, this exhibition becomes a very special experience — and not just for the kids.

Idea, script and artistic-spatial solution: Ondrej Slivka

Dramaturgy: Valéria Marákyová

When: April 20 – September 23, 2018

video here