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The Silent Travelling

The Silent Travelling

Dates of event :

from: 15. 7. 2021

to: 10. 10. 2021

Venue :

BIBIANA, Dušan Roll Gallery.

This playful and inspiring exhibition takes you for a journey through the world of „silent“ books from various corners of the world (European, American, Arabic, Japanese, Thai, Korean as well as Australian). The silent books, consisting only of pictures without any text — represent a little known genre of children literature. The infant-visitor had a really unique opportunity to look up, discover and get to know stories and tales hidden within those pictures. In total it will be 130 titles from all over the world, from the so-called concertina-folds, via picture-books for the smallest, up to adventure stories and graphical novels — this event presents a wide range of remarkable books from various artistic genres by exceptional illustrators of this world. Thanks to the activities (traveller's logbook, story-cubes, touch-game, shadow-theatre, puzzles...) - it initiates social games, but also interviews and experience-type learning for individuals, families, collective.

Theme – H. Ondrejičková, Script – J. Michalová, Artistic and spatial and technical design – Z. Kadlčáková, Dramaturgy – V. Marákyová

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