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Dates of events

16.10.2022 - 16:00

Venue :

BIBIANA, štúdio

Prešporok-stories? But the era of "Prešporok", passed long ego… But actually, it was not that long ago! Prešporok is the old name of this country's capital Bratislava. As every good interesting city, also this one holds numerous mysterious stories along with ancient legends. And - why not! If the king is foolish, the municipal-treasury is empty and the Turks are getting closer to the borders — it is necessary that ordinary people from Prešporok (Bratislava) actually saved the city. What can we do with a ghost haunting at the castle? How to defeat the Turkish army? All it takes are some "pieces" of audacity and bravery and last but not least — good heart and a well baked, fragrant Bratislavean croissant. Come and try it with us! Support by the "Literárny fond" from public funds.

Theme and script – Š. P. Králik, A. Králiková; director – M. Kecskésová; stage and puppets – R. Baňacká and the ŠiBe-team; music – M. Klas; performers – A. Králiková, Š.P. Králik, A. Záhorec/ M. Klas

(For kids from the age of 5)