Dates of event :

from: 1. 6. 2016

to: 31. 8. 2016

Venue :

Galéria PKO Prešov – Caraffova väznica

A collection of selected films by Slovak filmmakers that were awarded at the Biennial of Animation Bratislava Festivals

Get ready for an upcoming big wave of animated fairy tales! The 13th International Festival of Animated Films for Children Biennial of Animation Bratislava – BAB 2016 opens its gates in October 2016. We are happy to share with you that the fairy tale gates are going to open not only in Bratislava, but also in PREŠOV, PRIEVIDZA and KOŠICE! The BAB ANIMATION EXPRESS, accompanied by the exhibition of the most beautiful illustrations from the Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava – BIB, is already on its way to give you a taste of the Festival. 

The Biennial of Animation Bratislava (BAB) is a world unique international festival of animated films for children, featuring animated films from all over the world. There are many film events on the map of festivals, however the BAB is the only one specializing in animation intended for the youngest audience. 

The international jury of the Festival awards also significant prizes. In addition to the Main Award - Viktor Kubal Award for the best film in competition, the St. Vojtech Award - Visegrad Award, the Prix Klingsor for lifetime achievement and the UNICEF Award, there is also a unique Festival price. After every screening of films in competition, children vote for the best film which receives the Junior Audience Award. 

For this very reason, the ANIMATION EXPRESS comes also to you in PREŠOV, accompanied by its good friend, the exhibition of the most beautiful illustrations from the BIB - GRAND PRIX BIB. 

We would like to share with you that the BAB Festival has always been closely linked with illustrations in nice books and has been interested in connecting these. Why? Because since its beginning in 1985, the Festival was an accompanying event of another significant cultural event the BIENNIAL OF ILLUSTRATIONS (BIB).

The worlds of animation and illustration are related, sharing static and motion pictures and introducing you to the secret how a line, paper,clay as well as the whole world around becomes alive...

This train full of fairy tales brings to children new films they have not seen so far as these are the films by Slovak filmmakers that were awarded at the BIENNIAL OF ANIMATION Festivals (BAB).

We present not only a collection of diverse works by the generation of young filmmakers, but also a range of miscellaneous artistic and animation approaches, based on the principle of play, humour and an inventive view of history.

We believe you will like these and spread the word around, draw or vote for the films just like a real jury.

Since 2007, the ANIMATION EXPRESS has already featured large collection of Slovak animated films both from history as well as contemporary ones and has travelled to almost every European country. It was screened to children in Vienna, Berlin, Paris, Prague, Budapest, Rome, Kecskemét, Poznań, Piešťany and Skalica. It was cheered everywhere by children with curious questions and nice drawings.

Right now, it is travelling with the award-winning films by Slovak filmmakers to the Galleries in PREŠOV, PRIEVIDZA and KOŠICE.

                   We wish the Express a pleasant journey!


We hope that the Festival Biennial of Animation Bratislava (BAB) hears from you in PREŠOV, PRIEVIDZA, KOŠICE:

•        How do you take advantage of the screened animated films at school or in your free time?

•        Which film was the most interesting for you and why?

•        Draw for us a hero or a film scene you liked the best!


All of your messages and drawings are going to be presentedat an exhibition at BIBIANA

in October during the BAB 2016 Festival.


We are looking forward to your messages!


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