A Penguin's story

A Penguin's story

Dates of event :

from: 6. 1. 2021

to: 13. 1. 2021

Venue :

At Home

Antarctica, the southernmost place on earth — is full of extremes. There is this blinding white plain covered in snow and ice. Not a single tree or stalk of grass grows here… only that terrible and stormy wind is whistling around, sprinkling and spreading dust-like snow all over the place, often preventing you from even opening your eyes. Amidst this plain, a penguin is sitting. This one is sitting along, without shivering once. Why is he sitting there… just so… motionless? Why does he not seek cover from the blizzard? 

Simply, because he does not care - he is frost hardy. .... 

This is a story about discovering the beauty of this icy island and the fact that even such a hardened animal like a penguin needs a woolly jumper to stay warm. This tale was inspired by a true story and the book by Tomiko Inui: The penguin babies Puk and Kuk.

Script and performance M. Ryšavá, scenography I. Macková, music P. Creek Orgován.

(For kids aged 3+)