Magic World of Animated Film

Magic World of Animated Film

Dates of event :

8. 11. 2016

Venue :

Cinema PONREPO, Prague, Czech Republic

On November 8 th , 2016, there was a traditional autumn event called the Magic World of Animated Film, held on the occasion of the Month of Czech and Slovak Cultural Reciprocity in cinema PONREPO in Prague. Under the umbrella of the BAB 2016 festival and in cooperation with the Prague National Film Archive, we presented selected six parts hereof, with the event personally attended by the authors of the series as well as Slovak animation leaders (Rudolf Urc, Gabriela Klaučová, Eva Gubčová and Štefan Martauz). Following an opening speech by director and scriptwriter Rudolf Urc and programme screening, there was a short discussion held in the hall and conversations of filmmakers and spectators in the foyer of cinemaPONREPO.

We are glad that apart from famous authors and pedagogues in the field of Czech animated film, the event was attended by very many young people.


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