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Dates of event :

from: 2. 3. 2018

to: 1. 5. 2018

Venue :

BIBIANA, galéria

Another exhibition of this cycle inspired by book-culture, the topic of which is the book-adaptation of the so-called pop up (pop ap), i.e. a 3D spatial or dynamic book. The kids will learn to know that adaptation once again through a fairy-tale and this time it will be the „Fish King“, retold in simple graphics on panels. The kids may not just read the tale with legend with their fingers, discover and unveil elements, but also (among other things) see within the Fish King's large object his heart and other internals in 3D. They will find space for their own creative work, as well as history information, i.e. on how this book-technique came into existence.

Theme, script and dramaturgy I. Abrahamfyová,

artistic execution –L. Repková

When: 1. 3. – 1. 5. 2018

We've provided worksheets. Download, print and according to the instructions you can make a window, jigsaw, or even a spiral. Here their are: