Dates of event :

from: 6. 12. 2021

to: 13. 3. 2022

Venue :

BIBIANA, galéria Dušana Rolla

In this interactive exhibition, where the visitors get a lot of interesting facts on gingerbread history, they get to know exotic spices used for their baking - and then you can try distinguish them with your very own nose. The kids get to the gingerbread-land via a comics-tale about a little gingerbread-kid never experiencing Christmas before. This "gingerbreadling" got to know about Christmas from the "Vanilla-Fairy", who told it also a tale about it, but to make everything complete, she needs the tinkling of a bell — but the problem is that gingerbread-bells make no sound. So the "gingerbreadling" and the Fairy set out to the world to find the right tinkling. They travel the ocean and the space and finally make to the world of faulty gingerbreads. Though not being perfect, they too belong to this tale. Whether they find that tinkling-sound or not, the kids get to know in our Christmas exhibition. The real gingerbreads for that exhibition were made by the gingerbread-aunties from the Slovak Union of Cooks and Confectioners.

Let see the virtual tour prepared for you by Mr. Pavel Ursíny