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Dates of event :

from: 25. 1. 2024

to: 8. 9. 2024

Venue :

BIBIANA, medzinárodný dom umenia pre deti

They surround us, they are everywhere, they are our world. Colours. The interactive exhibition located on the Second Floor of BIBIANA introduces visitors to this fascinating phenomenon.  

The exhibition takes us through the black & white world, optical illusions, wonders of the human eye, contrast play, darkness, and colours. The Colour Laboratory opens its doors, full of diversity, symbols, variety, and the laws of physics and inventions.

We can walk through the individual rooms, through the primary colours – yellow, red, and blue. Yellow is the colour of the sun and happiness; it is energising and conveys a sense of warmth. Red makes our hearts race; it stresses us, but at the same time, it moves us, and we feel the love it conveys. Blue is calming and cooling; it transports us to water and the sea.

We are headed for the rainbow, for diversity. Indeed, the exhibition on the Second Floor of BIBIANA is a rainbow-coloured journey.


Autori / Authors:

scenár / Script: Katarína Kosánová

výtvarno-priestorové riešenie / Exhibition design: Tomáš Ciller

dramaturgia / Dramaturgy: Von Dubravay

odborná spolupráca / Consultant: Martina Pavlikánová

grafika plagátu / Graphic: Jakub Hauskrecht

realizácie: Destin


Termín / When: 25. 1. 2024 – 8. 9. 2024