Dates of events

12.01.2020 - 16:00
14.01.2020 - 10:00
16.01.2020 - 14:00

Venue :

BIBIANA, štúdio

This tale plays in Snow Land, with its inhabitants consisting of snowmen, snow-loving winter birds, with snow falling each and all day. One chilly frosty morning, in the village Snežany (Snowville) - a little child was born, i.e. Baby-Snowman.

Tale based on stories from the book by Ján Uličiansky Snehuliacke ostrovy (Snowman islands).

Script  – J. Živicová, E. Čárska, direction and dramaturgy – M. Kecskesová, puppets and stage-design – R. Anderle. Performers: V. K. Peštová and B. Šoganová

(For kids from the age 4)