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BAB at the Annecy Festival 2019

BAB at the Annecy Festival 2019

Dates of event :

from: 10. 6. 2019

to: 15. 6. 2019

Venue :

International Animation Film Festival, Annecy - France

At this year’s Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Slovakia was represented also by a delegation from BIBIANA, headed by its Director Peter Tvrdoň. Apart from attending film screenings and accompanying festival events, the delegation participated in negotiations with foreign partners in connection with preparing for the Biennial of Animation Bratislava in 2020.

As an integral part of BIBIANA’s presentation in cooperation with the AAA Atelier (Atelier de cinéma d´Animation d´Annecy), it was opening of three exhibitions, screening of collection of selected Slovak animated films “BAB Animation Express: Animation in Slovakia - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” in the cinema Les Nemours and international animation workshops led by leaders from the BAB Atelier at BIBIANA.

  • In the AAA Atelier Studio’s premises, there was opened an exhibition of photographs depicting the creative process of making animated films titled “How to Make an Animated Film in the BAB Atelier”, accompanied by screening of the films made by children using various techniques (Forest – Home of Animals, The Greedy Fox, Ruddy, the Scarecrow and The Magic Ice Cream).
  • International animation workshops for French schoolchildren led by a lecturer from the BAB Atelier Tomáš Danay, assisted by Jakub Bondor. The result of their creative efforts and work with the children is the animated film “The Magic Trunk” (La valise magique).
  • The cinema Les Nemours hosted in its premises a representative exhibition of posters titled “BAB – The Bystander´s View“, presenting individual editions of the BAB Festival by means of the poster works.
  • BIBIANA’s presentation in premises of Balladoire Le Mikado included a vernissage to the exhibition “Winners of BIB 2017 - The Island of Letters and Pictures”, together with screening of a collection of Slovak animated films for children.

At the opening ceremony, the French partners were represented by Pascal Chulliat, President of the AAA Annecy Atelier, Nadia Talah, Director of the AAA Atelier and Pierre-Jean Dubosson, Administrator of the Cultural Centre Le Mikado - MJC de Novel.




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