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Dates of event :

from: 1. 10. 2022

to: 19. 2. 2023

Venue :

BIBIANA, 2nd floor

The exhibition is organised in cooperation with the German cartoon-movie-studio FILM BILDER in Stuttgart, based on the Animanimals series.

This event also introduces some animals from the series along with their "problems" in a 3D-form. The kids may hoot on an elephant-trunk, they can walk in „horse-shoes“ as a foal, collect bread-sticks with a crocodile mouth, sit on looooooooong dachshund-shaped bench, they will experience a zebra with entangles stripes, a peacock loving theatre, they will perform like an octopus needing help with baking and like ants carrying leaves into their anthill.

Author – J. Ocker and Studio FILM BILDER, dramaturgy – V. Marákyová, Von Dubravay; design-space-solution – S. Sadilková; technical solution – S. Sadilková; coordinator – S. Broadhurst-Petrovická

When: 1/10/2022 – 19/02/2023