Dates of event :

from: 27. 2. 2019

to: 8. 9. 2019

Venue :

BIBIANA, 1. poschodie

The exhibition Designer Kids is being held to mark the jubilee of the approaching foundation-anniversary of the artistic/design-style (school) known as "Bauhaus" (1919, Weimar), taking the young visitors back to the "golden twenties" of the 20th century. The individual rooms of this exhibition (re)present some artistic-production fields significantly influenced by this design school. In the textile & clothes studio - the kids will find various meter-ware samples with a historic texture, they will also learn, how weaving on the loom works and they get also the chance to try-on costumes with pattern from the early 20th century. The "woodworking shop" focuses on toys and furniture, where the kids may assemble some tiny furniture or a ship. The art of architecture is represented by a replica of a functionalistic house. Inside that house, the kids will get acquainted with architecture and the world of colors, as well as its patterns and principals. In the metal workshop, the kids learn to know the famous furniture made of metal tubes. Those tubes are used not only for assembling the furniture, but also for creating a work of art or as percussions. The car-repair-shop will present not just the beginning of automotive production, but the kids may also work on the „foot-drive“ production line and use a crane for moving car-components around or assemble a car right away.

Theme and artistic–spatial design – R. Bezák, script – I. Abrahámfyová