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Do not know which book is suitable for your child?  Ask the bookmeter. 

We offer a wide selection of books for children from 2.5 to 16 years of age. At any age, of course, different, depending on what the child is learning, what they need and what they are able to perceive and understand.

Age 2.5 - 3 years: I'm learning to talk. I'm learning to be independent. What's all around me? What am I interested in? APPROPRIATE BOOKS.

Age 3 - 5 years: I'm learning courage and independence. How things work? Am I good or bad? I want to achieve something! APPROPRIATE BOOKS

Age 5 - 7 years: This is me and this is my space. I care about details. I want to be like mom and dad. I want to learn. This is fun to learn! I can remember a lot! It is great to listen! APPROPRIATE BOOKS

Age 7 - 9 years: I concentrate on details. I think about connections. Look, I understand this. It is fun to experiment. APPROPRIATE BOOKS

Age 9 - 11 years: I can get better at these things. I want to like this. I want to plan. Is this right? How can I find good friends? Where are we from? APPROPRIATE BOOKS

Age 11 - 13 years: Me and my image. Am I attractive? Are those my friends? I announce I am here. Oh, so much confusion! Where do I belong? What is the meaning of my life? Everybody wants something from me, I have no space for myself! None of it is interesting! What will I do? APPROPRIATE BOOKS

Age 13 - 16 years: Who are my peers? My privacy! Who am I becoming? What am I good at? I think that I think ... (and you mean reality? good remark from adults) Who said it has to be this way? Oh, my day good or bad ?! Your opinions are old-fashioned. Allow me, I will explain! APPROPRIATE BOOKS