Children are exposed to superiority in visual perception due to contemporary technologies. What happens to their hearing? A child's imagination is developed to a greater extent when children are not visually stimulated. Based on this fact, the programme "From Ear to Ear" runs once a month since it started on September 15. The programme, developed in cooperation with Radio and Television of Slovakia, is aimed at children aged six to twelve and their parents. During the workshop that takes two hours, the participants are actively engaged, and various forms of sound stimuli are used to further develop their imagination and cultivate reading. The programme is led by RTVS dramaturge Beata Panáková. MORE


A short broadcast on Devín radio on a regular basis covers the topic of children's literature and writers. It is intended for families and children and it is aimed to encourage and motivate both children and their parents to read. The goal is to give an overview of children's literature, to give an advice, insight, short samples, to introduce interesting books suitable for reading for various age categories of readers. Last but not least, the broadcast promotes the Competition of the Best Children's Books of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, which BIBIANA and SK IBBY awards four times a year. In cooperation with the Slovak Section of the International Board on Books for Young People (SK IBBY), the programme is prepared by the author, Timotea Vráblová, and the dramaturge Beata Panáková.