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In 2018, on May 26, the Book Feast was held under the topic Books can bring you further! at Hviezdoslav Square in Bratislava and it brought there not only children's books, but particularly numerous creative activities, workshops, songs, dramas, reader's puzzles, and a rich program on the main stage, where performances of writers, actors, singers, musicians, researchers, and of course, children, took place.

The goal of the Book Feast was to contribute to increase children's interest in cultivating reading, which develops children's perception, empathy, and creativity. The civic associations, publishers, and initiatives introduced creative forms of working with a book through various types of art, so that the children learn to be sensitive within the space of a book, learn to shape their opinions, attitudes, and acquire values that are important for their lives and their future.

The Book Feast was organised by BIBIANA (International House of Art for Children) Centre for Children's Literature, Reading, and SK IBBY (Slovak Section of the International Union for Children's Book) in cooperation with partners and schools: The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic, The Centre for Information on Literature, publishing company PERFEKT, publishing company AlleGro, Slovak Post, civic association Umenie pre všetkých (Art for All), Old City Library, non-profit organisation OSMIJANKO, The Red Stone Castle Museum, civic association Fanfáry, Ivan Bukovčan Primary School 3 of Devínska Nová Ves borough, Elementary School Žitavská in Bratislava, Elementary School Školská from Ľubica, district of Kežmarok, and the publishing company BUVIK made contributions to the prices as well.

The festival was opened solemnly by Mr. Peter Tvrdoň, Director of BIBIANA.

Guests: Braňo Jobus, Martin Vančo, Adrián Ferda, Gabriela Dittelová, Daniel Domorák, Ľubica Kepštová, Magdaléna Gocniková, Mária Vrkoslavová with her dog Gordon, Miroslav Regitko, Renáta Matúšková and children from Ivan Bukovčan Primary School, Ester Wiesnerová, Jana Mikulčíková, Eliška Sadíleková, Miriam Biznárová, Diana Mašlejová, Ľuboš Zaťko, Juraj Šebesta, Peter Janků, Julianna Svitková, Oľga Hincová, Sidónia Féderová, Richard Kraľovič with the band The Breeze, Vladimír Leksa-Pichanič, Beata Panáková. 

Programme of 7th year  

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