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The BIB-UNESCO Albín Brunovský Workshop 2019

The BIB-UNESCO Albín Brunovský Workshop 2019

Topic of the international Albín Brunovský BIB-UNESCO workshop:

Amiable pictures

From the psychological point of view love belongs to the primary human needs. Because of its big psychological meaning, love is one of the most important themes in art.

Love exists in all cultures and its metamorphoses in different parts of the world show individual understanding and expressing of what love really is. Different people see different kinds of love differently. The thing one considers to be an expression of kindness can be harm for another one. Love is abstract and there are a lot of questions related to it and a lot to forms how to express it. 

This is the reason why I have chosen love to be the topic of our meeting. Because we all love. With love we turn to our own artistic expression that we bring into books in the form of illustrations and like this we get it closer to the eyes of our observers – readers in their homes, libriaries, schools, parks, hospitals and to each place where it is possible to open a book.

The way love has been painted by significant masters of brush on valuable canvas for generations, the same way it has been written or expressed using another form. Love means not only to love or like somenone, we also like the beauty around us, nature, clothes, design, food. We can express all of them in the world of art by illustrations or images made using different painting techniques, each of us with his own abilities in the particular time.

We will have the opportunity to look into the world of love of our great, poet Andrej Sladkovic who created a unique poem for his loved Marina. We will visit the Bank of Love in historically magic and beautiful Štiavnica where the love story of these two people took place.

The love poem Marina consists of 291 strophes and 2900 verses and it has been the longest love poem in the world for 173 years.

We will not paint the longest love illustration, but with love and enthusiasm we will create pictures and like this we will create beauty as well as the feeling of our unique workshop not only for us, but also for our admirors.

Dear friends, colleagues – painters, you can think about your presentations at home in advance.  


Topics are your free choice,  it can be illustration of

-  love of a fairy tale

- love of a fairy-tale being

- traditional folk tale or love story from your country and we will get to know it through your expression

- love of food

- love of your loved art production


We will create 3-4 and more illustrations in the A3 format.

Dear friends, colleagues, painters, I am looking forward to our unique workshop.


Sincerely yours

Miro Regitko


Participants of the BIB-UNESCO Albín Brunovský Workshop 2019 : Mr. Santiago Guevara Gómez,  Colombia, Ms. Anantjeet Kaur, India, Ms. Camila Mari Lozada, Argentina, Mr. Ali Asghar Bagherzadeh Matak, Iran, Mr. Victor Antonio  Ynami Miraval, Peru, Ms. Līva Ozola, Latvia, Mr. Guilherme Sousa Petreca, Brazil, Ms. Mariana Raskin, Israel, Mr. Antonio Reinhard, Indonesia, Ms. Katerina Stourna, Greece.


Participation Criteria – BIB-UNESCO Workshop of Albín Brunovský 2019

(date of workshop:  27.10. 2019 -2. 11. 2019)             

  1.  The Workshop is organised for young artists beginning their careers with focus on illustrators coming from the Third World countries;
  2.   From each country can take part only one participant;
  3.   An illustrator nominated to participate at BIB competition cannot be nominated for the Workshop;
  4.   A participant of the Workshop cannot exceed the age of 30;
  5.   It is requested that the participant is able to communicate in English;
  6.   The participant may be a student or a graduate of an artistic school;
  7.   A portfolio has to be sent in advance (by an e-mail or regular post);
  8.   The participant (or his organisation) covers the costs of a flight ticket;
  9.   The participant (or his organisation) is responsible for the visas;
  10.   The participant (or his organisation) is responsible for the health insurance;
  11.  The participant (or his organisation) is responsible for early and consistent completion  of the BIB form providing important information;
  12.   Possible costs generated with the stay out of the date and budget of BIB shall be covered by the participant;
  13.  The works made at the Workshop shall become the property of BIBIANA.


BIB shall organise and cover the following services for the BIB-UNESCO WORKSHOP OF ALBÍN BRUNOVSKÝ 2019:


  1. The accommodation and lodging during the whole stay 17. 10. 2019 – 26. 10. 2019 2019, (travel costs from/to home country are not paid by BIB);
  2. Free entry to all events and exhibitions organised within BIB 2019, including the festive opening ceremony and the reception;
  3. Materials and tools for the artists (in case of special techniques the participants shall bring them himself/herself);
  4. Complete BIB 2019 information and promotion materials, including the catalogue;
  5. The programme of the Workshop 2019 (visits to galleries and other places) and travel costs to those places;
  6. Possible transport from/to the airport and the destination according to individual agreement;
  7. The Workshop 2019 participant shall be tutored by a leading Slovak illustrator who shall choose the theme, concept and system of work;
  8. The participant  shall be entitled to have personal consultations with the leader of the Workshop 2019 and to present his/her own works during the workshop, as well as to get the photo-documentation (copies) of the works made at the Workshop;
  9. The participant  shall be entitled to receive promotion materials on the Workshop 2019 published after the workshop;
  10. All other issues generated during the Workshop 2019 shall be solved in accordance with the needs.





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