Information for visitors - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

Information for visitors - TEMPORARILY CLOSED

The exhibition areas are monitored by a CCTV system 
Daily from 10.00 am. to 18.00 pm.  except Mondays ! Last entry to Bibiana is set at 17.30 pm.
BIBIANA's Admission Fees (it is not possible to pay by a card)
Adults: 2,0 EUR
Children: 1 EUR
Theatre Shows: 
Adults: 1,8 EUR
Children: 1,2 EUR
Adults: 2,0 EUR
Children: 1,5 EUR
GUIDELINES FOR VISITORS in relation to the prevention of Covid 19

1.Every adult visitor and a visitor who comes alone must wear a face mask before entering.

2. Children who come with an accompaniment (parents, older siblings, teachers, etc.) should also have a face mask.

3. If they do not have a face mask, their accompanimenť is responsible for any consequences.

4. In all areas of BIBIANA, disinfectant mixture for hands will be available for visitors.

5. During entry and the tour, visitors are required to maintain reasonable distances between persons.

6. Visitors must follow the instructions in the exhibition.



More information on how to reach us can be found here
BIBIANA, the international house of art  for children
Panská ul. 41, 815 39 Bratislava
tel / fax: +42125443 4986