The BIB-UNESCO Albín Brunovský Workshop 2019

Participation Criteria – BIB-UNESCO Workshop of Albín Brunovský 2019

(date of workshop:  27.10. 2019 -2. 11. 2019)

/We allow to ask the organisations or the individuals nominating the participants of BIB-UNESCO Workshop of Albín Brunovský 2019 to strictly observe the given criteria in order to secure equal conditions for all participants./


  1.  The Workshop is organised for young artists beginning their careers with focus on illustrators coming from the Third World countries;
  2.   From each country can take part only one participant;
  3.   An illustrator nominated to participate at BIB competition cannot be nominated for the Workshop;
  4.   A participant of the Workshop cannot exceed the age of 30;
  5.   It is requested that the participant is able to communicate in English;
  6.   The participant may be a student or a graduate of an artistic school;
  7.   A portfolio has to be sent in advance (by an e-mail or regular post);
  8.   The participant (or his organisation) covers the costs of a flight ticket;
  9.   The participant (or his organisation) is responsible for the visas;
  10.   The participant (or his organisation) is responsible for the health insurance;
  11.  The participant (or his organisation) is responsible for early and consistent completion  of the BIB form providing important information;
  12.   Possible costs generated with the stay out of the date and budget of BIB shall be covered by the participant;
  13.  The works made at the Workshop shall become the property of BIBIANA.


BIB shall organise and cover the following services for the BIB-UNESCO WORKSHOP OF ALBÍN BRUNOVSKÝ 2019:


  1. The accommodation and lodging during the whole stay 17. 10. 2019 – 26. 10. 2019 2019, (travel costs from/to home country are not paid by BIB);
  2. Free entry to all events and exhibitions organised within BIB 2019, including the festive opening ceremony and the reception;
  3. Materials and tools for the artists (in case of special techniques the participants shall bring them himself/herself);
  4. Complete BIB 2019 information and promotion materials, including the catalogue;
  5. The programme of the Workshop 2019 (visits to galleries and other places) and travel costs to those places;
  6. Possible transport from/to the airport and the destination according to individual agreement;
  7. The Workshop 2019 participant shall be tutored by a leading Slovak illustrator who shall choose the theme, concept and system of work;
  8. The participant  shall be entitled to have personal consultations with the leader of the Workshop 2019 and to present his/her own works during the workshop, as well as to get the photo-documentation (copies) of the works made at the Workshop;
  9. The participant  shall be entitled to receive promotion materials on the Workshop 2019 published after the workshop;
  10. All other issues generated during the Workshop 2019 shall be solved in accordance with the needs.


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