Centre for Children's Literature, Reading and SK IBBY

We are pleased to announce that on January 1, 2018 BIBIANA - CENTRE FOR CHILDREN'S LITERATURE, READING AND SK IBBY was established by Slovak Government Resolution No. 554/2017 dated 29. 11. 2017

The Centre focuses on building and cultivating the culture of reading in Slovakia and will positively influence the reading of the children population. The target group is preferably children in early
childhood, pre-school and elementary school age. Its content is artistic, educational and publishing activities. It organizes its own programs on reading culture; strengthens the combination of literature, illustration and theatre, and creates a unified platform for the education of children in all areas of art.
- It monitors and analyzes the reading status of the children population and the necessary needs in this area. Based on this, it strategically focuses on educational and methodological activities and creates appropriate artistic forms and programs that will stimulate cultured reading of children.
- It focuses on extending the existing ways of reading support, but especially on the development of new forms and innovative methods of work that will respond to new needs and crisis situations.
- It creates methods to support reading, combines various initiatives and organizations in this area, develops methodical materials, provides expert advice, and teaches. Methodological assistance is based on cultural conditions and focuses on forming a culture of reading.
- The Centre includes the IBBY INSTITUTE BRATISLAVA, where cooperation with experts associated in IBBY and other related organizations is being developed. Its role is to disseminate knowledge from domestic and foreign research on reading issues.
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