The Opening ceremony of the 13th International Festival of Animated Films for Children.


BIENNIAL OF ANIMATION BRATISLAVA 2016 - Awards ceremony and closing

The Awards ceremony and closing of 13th International Festival of Animated Films for Children.



An interactive exhibition presenting textile as a heterogeneous material: its perception by the senses, its structure and forms. Children can actively experience its essential components such as fiber, yarn, mesh, knitted material, fabric and knots. There will be exhibits such as a large web, balancing components, tricot stretch pieces, sound and visual projections using a combination of fiber, light and music, a haptic space for the youngest visitors who can crawl through and experience various kinds of fabric. The non-traditional feature of the exhibition is its ongoing change with additions of new exhibits and installations by the ongoing active involvement of children.
Idea and script - Lubica Sajkalová; Visual design and arrangement - Jána Sajkala; Dramaturgy - Valéria Marákyová
Dates of event: from: 5. 2.2016 to: 29.5.2016



Discovering facts and interesting things about acoustics is the key mission of this small but interesting interactive exhibition. What patterns do sound waves make in sand or water? Why can a dog hear a dog whistle while we cannot? These questions and many other similar interesting things will show children that science can also be fun. Script – J. Polgáry, Visual design and arrangement – M. Rusnáková, Dramaturgy – V. Marákyová
Dates of event:
from: 1. 6.2016 to: 10.9.2016


On 3 March 2016 our exhibition THE ILLUSTRATOR OLYMPUS was opened at the Museum of Children´s Book in Warsaw. The exhibition prepared by the Library of BIBIANA and the BIB Secretariat in cooperation with the Slovak Institute in Warsaw presents the laureates of supreme BIB awards granted in the course of 50 years of the event´s existence. The exhibits include 25 illustrations and nearly 150 books awarded by BIB Grand Prix and BIB Golden Apples. The exhibition organized in a way of a travelling event will successively be presented in 26 libraries, galleries and cultural institutions in Slovakia and abroad. We are delighted that also Polish children will be able to see the show in beautifully reconstructed premises of the Museum of Children´s Book that makes an integral part of the Main Library of Warsaw and Masovian Region.
The exhibition was opened by Ms. Ewa Gruda, the head librarian of the museum, under the presence of the Slovak Institute representatives together with a big public audience of Polish illustrators, editors and other specialists in children´s book.



Fairy tales point out how similar and inter-connected respective national traditions and cultures are and how they share common European cultural foundations. A selection of around one hundred most representative titles of European fairy tales from the BIBIANA Library collections is accompanied by exhibits of 25 fairy tale illustrations whose authors won awards at events organized by BIBIANA, including the Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava, The Most Beautiful Books of Slovakia, the quarterly competition The Most Beautiful and Best Children’s Books in Slovakia, and the IBBY Honor List. The exhibition is a truly European one, through its theme and form, presenting visitors with books that were published in various European countries, many European languages and illustrated by artists from various countries. Children can test their knowledge in an interactive map of the EU. The exhibition takes place on the occasion of Slovakia’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union.
Idea and script - H. Ondrejičková and J. Michalová

The Living City

The Living City is an exhibition where the attribute ‘interactive’ is not just a concept that is ‘in’. The intent of its authors is to guide children to the ‘bowels’ and ‘backstage’ of a city and let them better understand what there is below and behind the large urban components and how it all works together.