Island of Letters and Pics

Dates of event :

from: 22. 1. 2018

to: 4. 2. 2018

Venue :

Salle Venturelli, Genthod, GENEVA, switzerland

Island of Letters and Pics - Illustrators awarded at the BIB 2017, Slovak Illustrators awarded at the BIB 1967 – 2017, Grand Prix BIB 1967 – 2017, Juvenile Jury Prize of BIB 1993 – 2017

Interactive exhibition of illustrations awarded at the Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava, providing the kids with the chance of creating their own imaginary stories inspired by illustrations and the fine-arts installation of original pics & letter cubes. Part of the project are also creative workshops themed "My Book", which have been created for various age categories of children.

This exhibition has been jointly prepared with the agency Sashacrea & Creative Concepts for children.

A partner of this project is the Permanent Mission of Slovakia to the UN in Geneva

Author: Saša Petrovická - Broadhurst


When: January 22 - February 4, 2018