Dates of event :

from: 26. 10. 2018

to: 21. 2. 2019

Venue :

BIBIANA, Dušan Roll Gallery

This interactive exhibition teaches kids in a playful and "hands-on" way the events and facts happening 100 years ago, when the Czechoslovak Republic was founded. How did the world before the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire look like? The world of his majesty Franz Joseph I is represented not just by his throne, jumping-jack figures of generals in uniforms, but also by the symbol of his major pastime – hunting… in the form of a shooting gallery for the kids. The visitors will also find themselves in the trenches, experiencing the atmosphere of the World War I. The foundation of the first Czechoslovak Republic is represented by the personality of General M. R. Štefánik and a model of his aircraft, inside which the kids may get photographed. The kids will also learn what has changed after the foundation of that first Czechoslovak state – especially the developments accomplished in education & culture and they can also test their knowledge in a quiz-contest.  

Theme, script and design-space-solution: Ondrej Slivka, dramaturgy: Valéria Marákyová