Dates of event :

from: 11. 10. 2016

to: 26. 3. 2017

Venue :


Folk fairy tales certainly are a part of the intellectual wealth of Europe. They served as inspiration also to the most reputed story teller, the Danish writer H. C. Andersen. He visited many countries that are now European Union members during his European travels. The exhibition’s time machine takes the visitors back to Andersen’s times to join him on his trips and explore the fairy tales of the European countries. Part two of the exhibition is dedicated to the best known Andersen’s fairy tales that inspired artists, writers and illustrators and, above all, animated film makers. The exhibition presents not only the book versions of Andersen’s stories in various EU countries but also their film versions. The visitors can see numerous samples from animated films as well as other kinds of fun and plays and games; all in an inspiring beautiful artistically-presented setting by artist Martin Dúbravay.

Idea and screenplay by M. Mertová
visual setting and arrangement by M. Dubravay
dramaturgy by V. Marákyová