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February public programmes

February public programmes

Dates of event :

from: 1. 2. 2024

to: 29. 2. 2024

Venue :

BIBIANA, medzinárodný dom umenia pre deti

Plays and workshops by reservation only through the reservation system at

Programmes only available for booking through the booking system.

  • 3. 2.             Sat     16:00            Black and White World – Blind Drawing
  • 10. 2.            Sat     16:00            Polarised Crystal Kaleidoscope
  • 17. 2.            Sat     16:00            Mimicry
  • 18. 2.            Sun    16:00            Violka Fialka and Móric Modrý
  • 24. 2.            Sat     10:00            BIBIANA Cinema: The War That Changed Rondo
  • 24. 2.            Sat     16:00            Black and White World 



Can you imagine a world without colours? A world in black and white only? Let’s try to draw the world around us using only black and white, using the works of Victor Vasarely and Sam Cox, also known as Mr. Doodle, as inspiration. The goal is to experiment with various lines, shapes, and structures and create your own black-and-white world of illusion.

Under the guidance of A. Frajková, N. Kozáková, M. Pavlikánová

(For elementary and middle schoolers aged 6 – 14)



Can you imagine a world without colours? A world in black and white only? Let’s try to recreate it using the technique of blind drawing. This unique technique allows the children to express their memories. It also encourages creativity and expression without the visual aspect, enabling them to express their feelings and experiences through touch.

Under the guidance of A. Frajková, N. Kozáková, M. Pavlikánová

(For elementary and middle schoolers, aged 9 – 14)



Do you like magic and chemistry? If you do, you are invited to create your own kaleidoscope. It is a simple optical instrument that creates magic with the help of light and mirrors. It may be seen as a toy for kids and adults. Together with Lucia Dovalová, we will make a kaleidoscope – but not just any kaleidoscope, a polarised one using crystals.

Under the guidance of L. Dovalová

(For children aged 7 – 14)



Are colours important in life? Can we use colours to disguise and hide ourselves? Together, we will learn about the captivating world of colours and their meanings in nature, where some creatures disguise themselves or hide with the help of colours. This resemblance is called mimicry. You will discover how some animals use colours to survive, and we will learn why mimicry is essential.

Under the guidance of A. Frajková, A. Balogh, M. Pavlikánová

(For pre-schoolers, elementary and middle schoolers aged 5 – 12)



Through the tales of Heart in the Right Place and with the help of the children's magazine Slniečko, we will get to know Slovak authors who write about their birthplace. We will learn about them and their books that can be found in BIBIANA’s library.

Under the guidance of V. Trokšiarová, P. Stehelová, N. Kozáková.

(For elementary schoolers)



On the planet named Pallet, Violka Fialková lives with her dog Indigo. Everything around her is violet. The preparations for her birthday party are underway in her tiny house. Through the window, a peculiar mechanical pigeon flies into the house, carrying a message. At once, they start on a journey full of colourful adventures to save a painting full of violets.

Original: P. Palik – Violka Fialka, Playwright, Director: B. Krajč Zamišková, Scenic design: workshops of the Puppet Theatre in Žilina, Based on the illustrations by K. Ilkovičová, Cast: N. Balacenková / R. Gažo, M. Cingelová

The play is the joint effort of the Department of Puppetry of the Theatre Faculty at the Academy of Performing Arts and the Puppet Theatre in Žilina.

(For children 3 years and older)



Screening of a movie adaptation by Olha Havrilova of the book by Ukrainian authors Andrij Lesiv and Romana Romanyšyn called The War that Changed Rondo (2015), offering a way to talk about war with children sensitively. The screening is followed by a workshop under the guidance of Daniela Krajčová, where we will make a new animated movie using the characters from Rondo. The duration of the screening and the workshop is 120 minutes. 

Under the guidance of D. Krajčová

(For children aged 8 – 15)