Dates of event :

from: 1. 10. 2022

to: 29. 1. 2023

Venue :

BIBIANA, Dušan Roll gallery

Computer gamers will be definitely pleased by the Creaks-exhibition. This modern exhibition is dedicated to the cartoon-focused Amanita Design graphics studio (this workshop produced such plays as Samorost (Root-Wood-Sculpture), Rocketman, Machinárium or Botanicula) and their new adventure game called Creaks. Through the work of the visual artist Radim Jurda and the game-developer Jan Chlup - the kids will see with their very own eyes, how the hand-drawn and hand-painted video-game Creaks gradually came into existence. They will see the original sketches from its early development stages, paintings and drawings later appearing in the game (in their digitally edited form), or also materials, which did not make it to the game. In this exhibition, the visitors can even play that game and compare the appearance of the final digital version with the hand-made originals.

Theme – T. Danay; author – R. Jurda and J. Chlup – Amanita Design; dramaturgy – Von Dubravay; design-space-solution and technical solution – Von Dubravay

When: 1/10/2022 – 29/1/2023