A children's art exhibition that takes you to the deep sea

A children's art exhibition that takes you to the deep sea

Dates of event :

from: 12. 2. 2022

to: 9. 6. 2022

Venue :

Oceánium, Hirtshals Dánsko

BIBIANA Danmark together with the North Sea Oceanarium, invites children and their adults down to the bottom of the deep sea, in the total installation ‘Deep Sea Tales’. The exhibition can be experienced in Northern Europe's largest aquarium located in Hirtshals Denmark. The exhibition opened on Saturday the 12th of February and runs until the 9th of June 2022.

The exhibition ‘Deep Sea Tales’, takes place in a mysterious world inhabited by strange fish and other creatures at the bottom of the deep dark ocean. BIBIANA Danmark tells the story of a friendship between an angler fish and a sea snake, who out of distress becomes friends and begins an adventure of a lifetime.

The exhibition is based on the award-winning illustrations by the young Slovak Veronika Klímová from the book ‘Deep Sea Tales’ and can now be experienced among animals and plants from the North Sea.


Welcome to the deep sea

Step into the darkest darkness and let the fluorescent fish guide you through the deep ocean and up to the sea surface again.

The ocean covers more than half of the earth, but is largely unexplored. For many years it was believed that the eternal darkness at the bottom of the oceans meant that there were no possibilities of life. Today, however, we know that life abounds here and the deep sea is home to some of the most mysterious creatures, and still houses many species and plants we yet have to discover.

There´s been more people on the moon than at the bottom of the deepest seas. The deep sea is a breeding ground for fantastic stories about giant squids with tentacles so long that they can wrap entire ships, stories about whale cemeteries hidden from human gaze, and about luminescent, kaleidoscopic plants that are more reminiscent of something from a sci-fi movie than something from our very own planet.


Let’s go diving!

In the exhibition 'Deep Sea Tales', you can follow the footsteps of luminous fish, take in the deep sea's many strange impressions from lying on a pillow or disappear completely into the long seaweed at the bottom of the ocean.

Grab a mussel helmet and create your own deep sea adventure with BIBIANA Danmark. The trip goes through the deep sea and ends safely at shore. Let’s go diving!


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