What´s on BIB 2017

2.9.2017 (Saturday), 16.00 – Opening ceremony for the  exhibition Igor Piačka – Illustrations. Typo&Ars Galéria, Roľnícka 349, Vajnory Bratislava city part. Exhibition takes place till 19.11.2017

3.9. – 6.9.2017 - meeting of the BIB 2017 International Jury, The Slovak National Museum, Vajanského nábrežie 2

4.9. – 30.9.2017 – exhibition Slovak Illustrators Who Won BIB 1967–2015 Awards, Hviezdoslavovo námestie, Bratislava

4. 9. 2017 (Monday) 18.00 – Opening ceremony for the  exhibition 120 years of the University of Fine Arts, Graphics, Illustrations and Book production in Sofia. The work of professors, PhD students and students. Bulgarian cultural center, Jesenského 129, Bratislava.

5.9.2017 (Tuesday) – meeting of the Children’s Jury for BIB 2017

5. 9 . 2017 (Tuesday), 16. 00 - Opening ceremony for the exhibition Emilia Dziubak, illustrations, Polish Institute, SNP 27. Exhibition takes place till 11. 9. 2017

07.09.2017 (Thursday), 17.00 – Opening ceremony for Come and see! Illustrations to modern Russian children's literature by students of the Moscow Institute of Graphics and Book Art n.a. Vladimir A. Favorsky. Russian Center for Science and Culture in Bratislava (2 Fraňa Král’a St.)

07.09.2017 (Thursday), 16.00 – Opening ceremony for the Migrations exhibition, BIBIANA, International House of Art for Children, Panská 41

07.09.2017 (Thursday), 16.00 –   Opening ceremony for the exhibition Veronika Klímová: Deep Sea Tales, BIBIANA, International House of Art for Children, Panská 41

08.09.2017 (Friday), 10.00 – International press conference, Tatra Hotel, Námestie 1. mája 5

08.09.2017 (Friday), 12.30 – Meeting of the BIB International Committee, Tatra Hotel, Námestie 1. mája 5

08.09.2017 (Friday), 17.00 – BIB 2017 opening ceremony, presenting awards to illustrators. The historical building of the Slovak National Theatre, Hviezdoslavovo nám.

08.09.2017 (Friday), 17.00 – Christening ceremony for the BIB 2017 stamp. In cooperation with POFIS and Slovak Post. The historical building of the Slovak National Theatre, Hviezdoslavovo nám.

BIB accompanying exhibitions in Slovak National Museum:

- Exhibition of works by Grand Prix 2015 winner, Laura Carlin, United Kingdom; 

- Exhibition of works by H.C. Andersen Award laureate for literature, Cao Wenxuan, China;

Exhibition of works by H.C. Andersen Award laureate for illustration, Rotraut Suzanne Berner, Germany;

Exhibition of Slovak illustrator, Svetozár Mydlo;

Exhibition  of Nami Concours Winners 2017, South Korea

9.9.2017 (Saturday) 10:00 - 18:00 BIB 2017 International Symposium, Tatra Hotel, Námestie 1. mája 5

10.9.2017 (Sunday) 10:00 - 12:00 BIB 2017 International Symposium, Tatra Hotel, Námestie 1. mája 5

10.9.–15.9.2017 BIB – UNESCO Albín Brunovsky Workshop, Mojmírovce Mansion

15.9.2017 (Friday) – Opening ceremony for exhibition of the works produced at Albín Brunovsky Workshop

5. 10. 2017  (Thursday) 18:00 Opening ceremony for the exhibition The rule and the game: a sensory reading lab - Kasárne Kulturpark Košice. Exhibition takes place till 26. 11.2017


21.10.2017 - 21. 10. 2017


The notorious red ribbon is just the beginning. But of what? Let your imagination free! Unfurl your own to the full with the help of a piece of ribbon.

03.10.2017 - 3. 10. 2017


Stage reading of a novel by Marek Vadas, which is an account of a fantastic journey of a small boy and his dog Alan through cities, countries and continents with the main characters encountering friendship as well as rejection.

08.09.2017 - 29. 10. 2017


Svet animácie a ilustrácie má k sebe blízko, spája svet statického a pohyblivého obrázku a vedie vás do tajomstva oživenia čiary, papierika, plastelíny, skrátka – celého sveta okolo nás...Tento rozprávkový vlak vezie deťom filmy, ktoré možno ešte nevideli – ocenené filmy slovenských i zahraničných tvorcov z festivalov BIENÁLE ANIMÁCIE BRATISLAVA (BAB). Predstavuje nielen pestrú kolekciu diel, ale aj rozmanitú škálu výtvarných i animačných možností, kde je princípom hra, humor i objavný pohľad...

05.09.2017 - 5. 9. 2017

Childrens Jury BIB 2017

Childrens Jury BIB 2017

Time of the session: 5. 9. 2017


Serafína Janošková, 11 rokov

            Jakub Maráky, 10 rokov

            Dávid Pilarčík, 10 rokov...

05.10.2017 - 26. 11. 2017

The rule and the game: a sensory reading lab

To read is to look: to move between word and image, to navigate page to page. But a reader can also touch, listen, feel, ‘put on’ 3D glasses, scroll and be invited to try completely unexpected things.

The authors of the children’s books in this exhibition wield more than just words, pictures andpages. They explore different materials and textures. Cut paper. Create volumes. Work with ink and transparencies. Add accessories. Unhinge. Move beyond...

08.09.2017 - 29. 10. 2017

Slovak illustrator, Svetozár Mydlo

Svetozár Mydlo was a reputed illustrator, painter, graphic artist, caricaturist and author of postal stamps. His visual expression featured creative ideas, wit, explosiveness, buoyant fantasy and joyous colors. Mydlo’s dynamic, multicolor and witty illustrations, just like all of his works, are notorious for their searching for and discovering ever new art techniques and procedures that are playful, bursting with energy, surprises and fun. Svetozár Mydlo was an artist with a distinct...

14.08.2017 - 11. 9. 2017

EMILIA DZIUBAK – Illustrations for children

Poľským zástupcom na Bienále ilustrácie Bratislava 2017 bude ilustrátorka a autorka knižiek pre deti Emilia Dziubak.

02.09.2017 - 19. 11. 2017

IGOR PIAČKA – illustrations

Igor Piačka was born in Třebíč in the Czech Republic (1962), graduated from 1983-1989 in free graphic and book production at prof. Albín Brunovský at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava and in 1987-1988 the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels (Belgium). After completing his studies, he worked as an assistantof professor at the Department of Graphics at VŠVU in Bratislava in 1990-2003. He lives and works in Pezinok, he is engaged in painting, graphics, drawings, stamping, book...

19.09.2017 - 21. 8. 2018


Numerous Slovak illustrators won BIB awards during its 50-year history. Regular meetings with illustrators present opportunities for children to ask questions and find out what they always wanted to know about the artists.

20.09.2017 - 21. 8. 2018


A workshop focusing on perception of aesthetic elements and their following verbalization. Children learn to identify an emotion expressed through art and then retell it. The workshop was inspired by works by D. Olejníková, M. Maťátko, P. Uchnár and other artists

21.08.2017 - 21. 8. 2017


This is how illustrations by children become alive. Workshops will be guided by Slovak illustrators: Svetozár Košický, Vladimír Král, Juraj Martiška, Alena Wágnerová, Katarína Slaninková, Dušan Nágel.

08.09.2017 - 29. 10. 2017

THE WORLD IN A COUPLE OF MINUTES -Tour of exhibition of BIB 2017 works

Children can enjoy an interactive program called The World in a Couple of Minutes. It is a tour of the Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava 2017 that builds a fictitious bridge between children and illustrations. Reservations for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9:00 and 14:00 tours need to be made.


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