ANIMANICKA Grand Prix 2017 goes to the film THE GREEDY FOX made at the BAB Atelier in BIBIANA

Dates of event :

from: 17. 11. 2017

to: 19. 11. 2017

The film THE GREEDY FOX received ANIMANICKA Grand Prix at the 12th ANIMANIE 2017 -   International Festival of Animated Films with Competitive Audiovisual Screenings of Films Made by Children and Students in Pilsen. This film was awarded for a high level of technique of animation and rhythm of narration.   

The international festival was held in the Moving Station Centre in Pilsen in the Czech Republic between 17th November and 19th November, 2017. Young filmmakers in the age between 5 and 26 and more than two hundred animated films took part in this competition. The theme of this year was DREAM.

The category covering the youngest filmmakers introduced 110 films from the Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, France, Italy, Belgium and other countries. 
The committee chosed  for competition three animated films made by children at the Animation Workshop at the BAB Atelier in BIBIANA: THE FOREST-HOME OF ANIMALS (2014), YOU ARE NEVER ALONE (2016) and THE GREEDY FOX (2016).

We congratulate the young filmmakers from the BAB Atelier on winning this prestigious international award.


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