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 8. 7.                16.00               Mission: HOME

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 3. 7.                10.00               Gréta

10. 7.              10.00              Gréta


Programmes of the centre for juvenile literature, reading and SK IBBY

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11. 7.               10.00               The mystery of the castle treasure

18. 7.               10.00               The mystery of the castle treasure

25. 7.               10.00               The mystery of the castle treasure




14. 7.               14.00               The mystery of the castle treasure

21. 7.               14.00               The mystery of the castle treasure




THE Mystery of the castle treasure

The mystery of the castle treasure focuses on enhancing the understanding of the symbolic language used in legends and fairy-tales. It is based on the legend "The Treasure at Redstone-Castle" (Poklad na Červenom Kameni) and the fairy tales by Ján Milčák, merging the topic of seeking a secret and the issue of man's identity. Through interactive and "experimental" activities with the present stage objects, the kids will discover the meanings of symbolic language in those particular literature-texts. The kids will get the opportunity of creating (in their very own symbolic language) a message for those coming to the "room of reading" and to trigger their own contemplations and help them to solve some of the riddles.

Theme and management: Timotea Vráblová. Creative solution: Juliána Dubovská.

(For kids aged 4 to 10)


This is a story from the book by Andrea Gregušová about a marine singer – the whale Gréta. Suddenly, from one day to the other, she looses her voice and nobody knows why. As late as at the deep-sea clinic they learn finally that their health problems are caused by waste, which definitely does not belong to the sea. The children audience will sing a lot, eat healthy stuff and manufacture tactile illustrations.

Lead by J. Michalová a M. Halamíčková.

(Programmes for moms with kids from the age of 18 months)



In co-operation with the International Board of Books for Young People (IBBY) — the library of BIBIANA will present extraordinary books about handicapped children from the collections of IBBY and BIBIANA.

This is an interactive exhibition, the young visitors with learn about their age-mates with special needs. By playing, where they accomplish tasks "in the shoes" of a handicapped child, they will learn to know the heroes of some extraordinary books. The exhibited collection of the International Board of Books for Young People (IBBY) for 2017 will be supplemented and extended by titles from BIBIANA's own library. The visitors can browse this extensive collection from all over the world, featuring literary portraits of children and young people with various handicaps, book in Braille-script, tactile illustrations or books easy to read.

Theme – H. Ondrejičková. Script – J. Michalová.

Co-operating expert – M. Halamičková.

Space-solution and creativity – Z. Kadlčáková.
When: June 29 – August 12, 2018

Chair in the starring role

We know the "chair" mainly as an object for sitting. However, when going beyond its „sitting & seating“ capabilities, we will discover that it has a lot of more to offer. In this exhibition we get to the frontier between the real world and fantasy, i.e. of various kinds of chairs and together we will also cross/break that border. This piece of furniture suddenly becomes a kind of "play" for young and old. It becomes a source of possibilities everyone may experience on his/her very own. So — let's enter the „chair-world“ – the "chair-park", the "chairy catwalk" or the Throne – "the chair if the chairs"! This exhibition has been organized in co-operation with the Slovak Design Museum in Bratislava.

Script & dramaturgy K. Kosánová, art & space design L. Lizáková and A. Bindzárová, expert advisor K. Hubová

When: March 2 – August 8, 2018


The exhibition presents the uniqueness of the Earth's atmosphere in a playful way. The kids learn to know our Solar System, the composition of the Earth's atmosphere, all the winds, cyclones/hurricanes and tornadoes, the hydrological cycle or the weather forecast. The experience, how the human voice sound like in helium environment (using a voice modulator), but also the unbelievable quietness in space, they can even cause a miniature world-wide deluge. Long for short – they will experience numerous unusual activities and games/plays. The topic of the Earth's atmosphere gets conveyed on examples/depictions in fine arts. Thanks to the creative and imaginative visual depiction, this exhibition becomes a very special experience — and not just for the kids.

Idea, script and artistic-spatial solution: Ondrej Slivka

Dramaturgy: Valéria Marákyová

When: April 20 – September 2, 2018

Imagine a visitor from a distant world!

Exhibition of art-works by kids up to the age of 13 living in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic — on how the world of foreigners is received, an unknown, distant, feared or dreamed-of world. This exhibition is part of the international project "Young Visegrad ImagiNation“ (freely translated The theatre is watching you!), implemented and performed in 2017/2018 by the artistic team Performalita ("Performality") from Prague. Those art-works inspired Performalita to create a staging called Mission: HOME, premiered on November 5, 2017 in Prague. It will be re-staged at BIBIANA on July 8, 2018.

When: June 26 – July 8, 2018

The mysterious world of puppets

The resulting outcome of the common idea of three set-designers (scenographers) and directors, being graduates of the same puppet-scenography class at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Music and Drama in Prague /MgA. Miroslav Duša, MgA. Jaroslav Milfajt, doc. MgA. Karel Vostárek/ — is an interactive multimedia program, reacting in this way to the listing of the Czech and Slovak puppeteering in the prestigious UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Treasures and (simultaneously) to the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the first Czechoslovak Republic.

This exhibition presents the more than 30 years lasting works of the project's authors in Prague, Brno and BIBIANA here in Bratislava.

When: August 16 – September 23, 2018


Rental service of the University-Library of the Prešov-University, PREŠOV


Exhibition of winning illustrations awarded by the children-jury at the biennial of illustrations Bratislava - BIB 2017, screening also a selection of animated films by creators (artists) awarded in at the biennial of Animation Bratislava – BAB (along with creative workshops).

When: June 11 – October 31, 2018

Summer reading room, Medická záhrada (Medics Garden), BRATISLAVA

Illustrators awardeD at the BIB 2017
When: June 11 – July 30, 2018

Local library in Petržalka, Prokofievova 5, BRATISLAVA

Illustrators awarded at the BIB 2017
When: – July 1 – August 31, 2018

IBBY-Congress, Athens, GREECE

Illustrators awarded at the BIB 2017
When: – August 30 – September 1, 2018

Municipal Library Piešťany

Hop! Pop up

When: May 22 – September 1, 2018

Tatranská galéria Poprad

My country is my fantasy

When: May 25 – July 26, 2018

Slovak Museum of Mining, Banská Štiavnica

In the blue-white forrest

When: December 13, 2017 – July 24, 2018


Will be closed during vacations (July and August).


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Changed of admission fee to BIBIANA from April 1, 2018


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