How (the hack) should we play?

Dates of events

08.03.2018 - 10:00
22.03.2018 - 10:00
04.04.2018 - 10:00
05.04.2018 - 10:00

Venue :

BIBIANA, knižnica

Lili yearned for a friend and suddenly - here he is: Momo — a really unusual friend. It seems so that he has absolutely no idea of how to play (at all)! Lili will not give up however. She takes a think and discovers finally that Momo is capable of far more than she thought.

This is reader workshop for the tiniest kids with the awarded book by Katarína Macurová.

Guides: J. Michalová and M. Halamíčková

(Programs for moms with kids from the age of 18 months)