Dates of event :

26. 10. 2017

Time :

11:00 - 12:00

Venue :

Cinema Mladosť Bratislava

In cooperation with the National Film Archive Prague and on the occasion of the Month of the Czech and Slovak Cultural Intercommunity, BAB introduces a selected collection of unique films for children accompanied by the introduction of the film historian Michaela Mertová from NFA in Prague..
The works of the director and animator Hermína Týrlová (1900-1993) are characterized by the balance between the children´s fantasy and the ability to get closer to the world of the smallest viewers. Her film world full of animated rags, woolly fibres and simple toys shows children that there is a hidden story in any little objects around us and it is possible to bring them to life.  All her films are full of kindness and smile. 

Screened films:

Nepodarený panáčik / Imperfect Little Figure (Nepodařený panáček)
Direction: Hermína Týrlová, K. M. Walló, 1951, 17 min.
A combined film for children telling stories of a rag figure which a collective of toys set apart because it was different. 
Vlnená rozprávka /Woolly Fairy Tale (Vlněná pohádka)
Direction: Hermína Týrlová, 1964, 9 min.
A story about a friendship between a little white lamb and a boy, both made of colourful wool fibres. 
Vláčik Koľajáčik / Little Train Kolejacek (Vláček Kolejáček)
Direction: Hermína Týrlová, 1959, 14 min.
A puppet fairy tale about a defiant train that did not want to transport only coal and ran away to come back again to its work after a sad experience.
Dve klbká / Two Balls (Dvě klubíčka)
Direction: Hermína Týrlová, 1962, 8 min.
A gleeful adventure of two balls of wool, one figure and a doll that became alive together with other sewing supplies in the basket. 


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