BIB IN Luxembourg

Dates of event :

from: 26. 10. 2016

to: 4. 12. 2016

Venue :

Abbaye de Neumunter, Luxemburg

BIBIANA, in cooperation with the Slovak Embassy in Brussels has opened an exhibition Slovak Illustrators Who Won Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava Awards in 1967-2015 in the cultural centre Abbaye de Neumunter in Luxembourg on 26 October. The exhibition is open to the public till 4 December. The opening included a performance by the Slovak compatriots’ choir in Luxembourg who prepared several Slovak folk songs for this specific occasion. The event was introduced by Ainhoa Achutegui, Director General of Abbaye de Neumunster, and Stanislav Vallo, the Ambassador of Slovakia in Brussels. The combination of book illustrations for children and Slovak songs attracted culture enthusiasts, as well as the youngest members of the Slovak compatriot community, to the opening ceremony.


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